ON THE WAY; ANDALE! Is the slogan for San Antonio’s Archdiocesan Capital Campaign. The goal is for all 139 parishes and 34 missions to raise $60 million between now and the year 2022. Why the Archbishop’s audacity to ask for what seems such large amounts of “special contributions”? The last Archdiocesan Capital Campaign was in 1955 by Archbishop Robert E. Lucey who knew well that ministries need facilities to attract and provide service to the People of God. For Archbishop Gustavo – especially in the initial eight years of his being Shepherd for this Archdiocese, he has visited and listened to parishioners and pastors from across our area. Together with Faith Communities he sees current and future needs for our local Church – especially in the realms of (1) catechesis, (2) leadership formation, and (3) facilitating future parishes for the huge influx of people making central, south Texas their home. Moreover, Archbishop Gustavo strongly encourages and challenges each parish community to evaluate how adequate and appropriate are current facilities; making capital upgrades at their own properties as neces-sary. ON THE WAY; ANDALE! tabloids present expected benefits for our historic Spanish Missions, university campuses, Archdiocesan facilities for leadership workshops and training, as well as establishing funds for purchasing properties for several new parishes in the very near future. Moreover, the leadership of each parish is asked to articulate a needed capital improvement for their own site.
How are such intentions to be realized? While 60% of whatever amount is raised by each Church entity will benefit the Archdiocese at large, the other 40%of whatever is raised will come back to the parish / mission for their own designated and chancery-approved capital improvement project. In the preliminary planning stages for ON THE WAY; ANDALE each parish was presented with a goal. The overall goal for St. Ann’s – La Vernia is set at $514,219.00. The Archdiocesan share (60%) amounts to $308,531.00 leaving a balance of $205,688 as the parish share (40%).  The actual arithmetic was arrived at from the past three years (2016, 2017, and 2018) of parish offerings. That amount, divided by “three” and then multiplied by “one point three” constitutes the total goal.  Filed correspondence between your former pastor and Archbishop dated back to February 2017 affirms that St. Ann’s parish would be allowed to construct a new catechetical center before ON THE WAY; ANDALE would be initiated and the parish share ($205,688.00) would be applied for offsetting the payment of the catechetical center. Until November 11, 2018, St. Ann’s would be allowed to collect independently for its parish capital campaign. AS OF THE WEEKEND OF NOVEMBER 11, 2018, ST. ANN’S CAPITAL CAMPAIGN MUST SUSPEND ITS OWN EFFORTS FOR THE BENEFIT OF PARTICIPATING IN THE ARCH-DIOCESAN EFFORT. Your parish staff and new pastor have been strategizing and preparing since August 2018 for our parish of St. Ann’s – La Vernia to participate. Now is the time for such to happen. And what is being asked of us is realistic. St. Ann’s has 1,200 households listed on its rosters but only 900 contribute with any regularity. If all 900 households equally shared for stewardship in this special, three–year campaign, it amounts to $571.35. Reduce the figure into thirds and the asking pledge becomes $190.45. This is a do–able project! Moreover, our participation is really needed because our newly constructed catechetical center is already built, dedicated, being used, and needs to be paid for!


Please prayerfully consider to what extent you and your household can participate in this three–year campaign. Remaining sincerely your pastor,


Rev. Dennis A. Jarzombek
St. Ann Catholic Church
14151 U.S. Hwy 87 W. La Vernia, Texas 78121