Welcome to our parish!

If you are new to St. Ann and have not registered as a parishioner please complete the document below.

You may return it to the parish office or email office@stannlv.org.  

Why is it important to register with your parish?



A Catholic parish is the single most important part of our Catholic Church. This is where we continue the mission of Jesus Christ. This is where we publicly express our faith, joining together with others to give witness of our communion with God and with one another.



There are many reasons to register:

· Registration enables the parish pastor and staff to get to know you better, to welcome you and to minister to you. This is especially important during a time of crisis so that the pastoral staff can attend to your spiritual needs and the needs of your family. In times of joy and in times of struggle, it is comforting to have the support of a faith family.

· For religious education instruction and Sacramental preparation, the families of those attending must also be registered parishioners. 

· Registered active members are eligible for sponsor/godparent validation for Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, or Holy Matrimony.

· Registration helps you stay connected with your parish and helps your parish stay connected with you. Providing your updated contact information is important so the St. Ann Parish can provide you with timely updates via email, direct mail, phone, etc. 

· If you use offertory envelopes or online giving; your offerings are confidentially recorded by parish staff for proof of donation for income tax purposes.


· Being included.

· Census numbers determine the demographics of the parish by helping in the planning for the needs of the parish. For example: how many priests are assigned to a parish, how many Masses and enrichment programs are planned and scheduled. 

· Most, importantly, it lets the parish count on you, to call on you to assist in its mission. Registering in your parish is a statement of faith and confidence in the life and work of your parish.

What about Children who are 18 Years of Age or Older?

Children are considered members with their parents until they turn 18 years old. Once they are 18, it is their responsibility to join a church family, participate in the Mass and to register as a member independent of their parents.


St. Ann Parish does not give your information out to anyone outside the parish/Archdiocese of San Antonio.

Once we have complete information on everyone in your household you will be officially registered at St. Ann Parish. Please notify the parish office of any changes in address, phone number, or members of your household.


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