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A new pro-life ministry forming at St. Ann named Right To Life.

Updated: May 1, 2019

What is a pro-life ministry? Pro-life ministries believe in protecting life from conception to death. It believes in the dignity of every human person in that we are made in the image of likeness of God. We see this as a sacred mission with a sacred purpose.

There are four areas that our ministry will address.

1. Prayer

Prayer is powerful and can have miraculous results. There are so many components of abortion that need prayer, for instance, prayer for the unborn child; for both men and women involved in making a decision about abortion; for those that are pro-choice recognize God’s love and mercy touch them which leads to a miraculous conversion: for legislators, State and Federal; for leadership in the Catholic church and other faith communities that they will openly defend pro life principles; for women that have had an abortion that they find resources that lead them to God’s love and forgiveness.

2. Educate

Polls and research are giving us insight that was not available years ago. It has been found that many people really do not know a lot about abortion. Once a girl of woman sees a sonogram of her child, they turn away from abortion. They see the heart beating and the baby moving. It is positive that this is a child.

Those that are pro-choice have many reasons they believe in abortion. But even pro-choice advocates are not in favor of late term abortions. Who would ever have thought that late term abortions would be an issue in our society? Late term abortions take place after the first trimester of a pregnancy. We will be discussing this in later articles. Again, many pro-choice individuals are against late term abortions. The good news is that once pro-choice individuals see how and abortion is performed, they change their stance and become pro-life. What changes their minds? They see the brutality and also realize that there is human life from conception.

Education is very important for there is so much we did not know about abortion until those that work in the industry left their jobs and are exposing what really takes place in an abortion clinics. They leave their jobs because they simply can not participate in killing infants any longer.

Our ministry, Right to Life, will keep all member up to date through our parish website, a newsletter, special events and emails at times.

3. Advocacy

Prayer is very important but at times, we are called to be God’s voice in our society. At this time, New York has passed a law taking away all rights of the infant in the womb. In additions, abortions can take place up to and including the birth of the child. The Vermont State legislators have passed a law to change the constitution of their state to allow abortions up to and including delivery. Voter will have the final say in November. Other states are also working on passing the same type of legislation. It as been proven that when legislators hear from constituents, it can change their voting. Legislators need to know that passing such extreme laws is not why we, the citizens, vote them into office. At the same time, we need to let legislators that support pro-life laws receive our support.

There are other opportunities to advocate for human life and support women that think that abortion is their only optin. Praying outside abortion clinics and providing information about centers that support that mother and her child. Participating in Walks for Life is also a public display of support for human life.

4. Outreach/Evangelization

It is important to educate the parish and wider community of what abortion really is. We want our children that are in high school and college know to know the truth about abortion. They are going out into a world that does not support life and we want them to have an informed conscience. They will base their actions on God centered thinking rather than the secular temptations.

Of course, we want our parish and community to know the truth about abortion and join us in protecting the life of children and providing support to anyone considering abortion.

Do I have to participate in all areas of the Right to Life Ministry? Many may only be able to pray because of health issues or daily realities of life. Others may want to be involved in all aspects. Anyone that signs up will receive information to keep them informed about current events and decide what they can and can not do. We want to be a part of a larger group to bring about change in the moral fiber of our country.

Continue to check here for ongoing information and articles to support us in our mission.

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