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Greetings one and all. 


Our new Pastor, Fr. Henning, is a very busy man. We were able to meet with him to discuss an event we had suggested for October. With his input, we are organized and moving forward. You have probably seen notices in the bulletin regarding the Life Chain. Although we have tried to describe the program in the bulletin, we can not give all the details.


Life Chain is a national movement with a big ambition. The goals of the movement is multi-purpose. It is an opportunity for people of different faith communities to come together and make a public statement. The public statement is that we are against abortion and are for saving lives and declare that we believe in the sanctity of life. People come together and stand in a line and pray together for an hour. The vision is to have a line of people connected across the United States. That may sem unlikely due to all kinds of civic laws. It is more hopeful that cities join together. Imagine each city across the land making a large public statement of support for life!


We are excited about starting a Life Chain here at St. Ann’s. To participate in most activities such as Walk for Life or 40 Days for Life we have to go to larger cities. We can sponsor Life Chain which offers us the opportunity to come together for a public statement in our home community. We are starting small and involving only St. Ann but in the future would like to expand and see other faith communities join us. There are certain rules that will limit any dream of having a solid line through La Vernia. City Ordinances prohibit public gatherings when we do not have sidewalks but we can gather on the St Ann property and make our statement here.


The date is October 13. We will gather in the church parking lot. If you would like to participate in the event, we need to meet at 1:30. How can you participate?

1. Greeters - as people arrive we will just welcome them and show them where we will gather. Fr. Phil will start the event with a prayer and then we will line up along 87. If youare a greeter you will hand out signs which we are borrowing from the Life Chain organization. Greeters will help lead people to where they will stand/sit. We will show you exactly where we will be standing and explain the city ordinance that we must observe. We will pray in a line for an hour and then go to the church for recitation of the Divine Mercy and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. We will have people turn in their signs as they enter church. We will not need to lead the people to church but will need to take their signs as they enter church.


2. We are borrowing a banner from another parish. We will need two people to hold the banner while we stand and pray. This does not require holding the banner up but simply supporting it. Hope that makes sense. In short, it is not physically demanding.


3. Leading a decade of the rosary. We will be saying all 4 mysteries of the rosary and we will be using a pro-life statement before each decade. We will have a microphone. Depending upon how many people sign up will depend on how many decades each person will lead. When we have a response from those wanting to participate, we will assign the decades.


4. Invite friends to join us. This is a family event as we want to offer parents the opportunity to involve their children in pro-life events. It is valuable for children to learn that they can contribute to changing our world and saving lives. Hopefully, we will all experience the power of communal prayer.


If you would like to participate, please let me know as soon as possible. (Just reply to this email.) Just let me know how you would like to participate. If you have any questions, email Mary Morgan (four-star@gvec.net).

A Woman’s Right


            Women are facing a challenge in our society today. Our teens are also influenced by movies, books, magazines, etc. Our media and feminists are telling us we need to fight for our equality and our rights. Let us look at just one issue - abortion - and seek truth through God’s wisdom and guidance.


            Women are told by the media and feminists that a woman’s body is hers and she has the right to decide what she will allow her body to go through. When a woman gets pregnant she should not have to be “burdened” or “inconvenienced”. The answer is -  abortion.


            What is missing from this picture? First, God does not enter into the discussion or decision. When is it time to say, “Lord, why have you given me this child? How could this happen to me? What am I to do? ”


            Second, women are actually dehumanized by this process. We are simpletons that can not think for ourselves. We have no values by which we live. We do not value our self-esteem as capable human beings. We are weak and need easy solutions to our problems. We know different.


            Why are people telling me I am not strong enough to take responsibility for my behavior? Why are they trying to convince me that I should not have to take responsibility for my behavior? They tell me that abortion will take care of my problem. Do they not realize that I am wise enough to know right from wrong? Do they think that I am so weak that I can not handle the consequences of my decisions? They are telling me to destroy the life inside me and I can go merrily on my way. What does that say about me? What kind of a person am I?


            They talk about how hard it is to make the decision to have an abortion and they detest those that pray outside their clinic. If nothing is wrong with abortion, why is it a hard decision to make? They won’t admit it by I know that it is a hard decision because everything inside me tells me it is wrong and yet they want me to turn away from truth and lie to myself and others. They make it seem that deciding to abort the child within me is as simple as deciding not eat the hot fudge sundae so I won’t get fat. How trivial do they think I am? What does that say about me?


            Do I not possess the pride and dignity to try to fulfill God’s will? I am made in his image and likeness and he wants me to continue to perfect my life to be more and more like him. Everything Jesus taught us is in direct opposition to the feminist message of being sel-centered and selfish. Jesus gave us so many examples that showed us that our concern should be for the caring of others. He healed the sick even when he was exhausted and had every right to turn them away. How could I possibly think that by getting rid of the child in me is perfectly okay because I want to finish school or pursue my career or not want be tied down to a kid? Should I not think about the needs of that child? I am better than that.


            They tell me that having a child before I am ready is harmful to that child. I don’t have the money or skills to provide for myself much less a child. By having the child I might be living in poverty. What man will want to marry me with kid? Having the child will definitely change my social life. I won’t be able to party every weekend and hang out with my friends. I admit, it would be really hard to keep the child. To be honest, I am not mature enough to take on the huge responsibility of caring for another person. I have a lot of growing up to do. Face it, if I was more mature, I would not have had sex with my boyfriend. That simply was not a mature decision. This child in me is not to blame for my decision. I know I am responsible and need to do the responsible thing. They discourage me from adoption. Why should I be pregnant for nine months then give the child away? It goes back to being responsible for my behavior. Do they not think I can be responsible and put this child before my selfish and reckless self?  What does that say about me? I am better than that.


            “Dear Lord, guide me and give me strength to follow your truth and remain in your light. I do not want to face the darkness of an evil choice.” Jesus died for me in his great love for me. His resurrection can guide me to celebrate the life within me and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, all my fears and anxiety can be resolved. I choose light over darkness. I choose life over death.

Suffering Women


I recently read an article, rather I scanned the article, that was saying that women do not suffer after an abortion. When I looked through the article I gave it little value as it was another elitist, Planned Parenthood babbling. As soon as that thought entered my head, a felt this negative force hit me. What came to mind is all those women that are suffering after their abortion. What do they think when they read this? What do they feel when they read this?


I admit, thinking about these women was painful. I turned to my favorite resource, The Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Through this prayer we experience the pain excruciating pain Jesus suffered. Each step of the way - the scourging, the crown of thorns pushed into his flesh, the carrying the cross digging into his torn back, we weep. He suffered all of this for us. There is no way we can deny the depth of his love for all that he suffered. But we are not let with his death. We are left knowing that he went to his Father and they were reunited in triumph.


When I think of the women suffering after an abortion I also think of three stories - St. Peter, Judas and St. Paul. We all know that St. Peter committed to Jesus that he would never leave his side. Jesus looked on him with loved and told Peter that before the night was over, Peter would deny him three times. Peter did not believe Jesus for he knew his great love for his friend, his mentor. Three times that night Peter denied knowing Jesus, following him, being one of his disciples. The cock crowed and we can only imagine Peter falling on his knees, sobbing and begging Jesus’ forgiveness.


Judas turned Jesus over to the Sanhedrin. As soon as they took him into custody, Judas was hit with the great sin he had committed. He went and threw the silver he had been paid back to the Sanhedrin. He did not fall down begging forgiveness for he decided that God could never forgive him. He went and got a rope and hung himself.


St. Paul was a very interesting man. He love God dearly. He felt that the Jews telling the story of Jesus were blaspheming God and they deserved torture and death. God saw into the heart of Paul and knew that Paul was destined for great things. He struck Paul blind and told him that he was persecuting Jesus, the son of God. We know that Paul studied and was open to the revelation of God sending his son to earth to redeem men. Paul’s story may be the best story of a great conversion of heart. A conversion so thorough he went about the land preaching and bringing countless people to God.


After reading the stories of many women that have suffered pain after their abortion I think that these three stories touch each of them. Many suffer years and do harm to themselves and others in their life. They are traveling with Judas, Their shame, anger and guilt is so intense they can’t face other people and they certainly can not face God. They go through life telling absolutely no one about the fact that they had an abortion and they go down a very lonely road.


They don’t recognize the great love that God has for them as Peter and Paul did. They can not relate to the great mercy that God extends to each and every person. It is impossible to think that God would forgive them for taking the life of their child. They don’t know that God sees their potential and wants to heal them and remove the burden they carry. They don’t understand that God wants to reunite with them. He longs for that relationship.


Our prayers are desperately needed for these women. We pray that they find either a loving person that guides them to a recovery program or a brochure that they might pick up that will give them the confidence to enter a program. Pray that they are open and find that God does not want them existing in the dark but wants to bring them into the light of his infinite love. He wants them to experience healing with the child(ren) they have aborted in the past. He wants them to return to him and experience the healing power over their lives so that they can be what they capable of being. He wants them to know that no one will look about them as though they have a scarlet letter branded to their forehead. He wants them to interact with others with love and compassion and experience the love and compassion that others feel for them.


If you are on of these women or you know one of these women please give them the following information:


San Antonio Coalition for Life



Diocese: San Antonio

Project Rachel

Contact: Mary Ann

Phone: 210-342-HOPE; 800-784-2433

Email: Rachel@anewchoice.org


Life Choices



Hope After Abortion


The Gosnell Movie


It is difficult for faith based movies to get a large audience because larger media outlets will not advertise and as soon as something comes out that is God driven, the opposition comes out big time.


The Gosnell movie experienced this. No one that is pro-abortion wanted this movie out in theaters. That is understandable. This movie exposes the misinformation and lies that are told by pro-abortion advocates and particularly Planed Parenthood.


We are showing this movie on June 2 in Goertz Hall at 3:00 pm. This article is to give you information so that you can determine whether you want to see this movie or want your teenagers and young adults to see this. We encourage you to see this for many reasons. We especially ask you pray to bring our teens and young adults to see this. They are facing the pressure of going with societal norms which are often against what God calls us to as Catholics. Give them the tools to effectively confront these wrongs with confidence and a love for God.


This movie  is based on Dr. Gossnell. He operated a Philadelphia inner-city abortion clinic.  His downfall was that he was selling prescriptions for opiates. He wrote prescription, sold those to drug dealers, and made quite a bit of money. The police finally have enough evidence to get a search warrant for his clinic. The fact that he is indeed breaking the law for selling prescriptions is nothing compared to what they find in the clinic.


They notice a terrible smell and find cat feces throughout the clinic by the cats freely roaming about the premises. As they continue to search, they find so many horrific things it seems unimaginable. The filth is evident but there was more. The found plastic bags and plastic containers throughout the clinic and in freezers. What was in all these containers? Aborted babies. They found little feet in bottles.


They saw unsanitary conditions throughout the clinic; blood on examining tables and on the floor; urine on the floor; dirty blankets wrapped around patients, dirty medical instruments, medical equipment that did not work, etc.


There was a problem. They could not gather any evidence or files regarding his abortion practice because their search warrant was for illegal prescriptions only. But, they knew what they were seeing was not right.


You have to see the movie or read the book to find the battle that they faced to investigate and bring charges against Dr. Gosnell for his abortion practice. It was through persistence and courage that, Police Detectives James Wood and Assistant District Attorney Lexy McGuire followed this through to prosecution despite the pressure on them not to do so. 


As their investigation progressed, what they discovered was shocking. Dr. Gosnell had untrained staff giving drugs to patients without medical oversight. They were told to give this drug and this time and that drug at that time. That alone would make most of us decide to seek medical care somewhere else. Why did women stay when the smell was so bad and dirt was everywhere? Patients reported that they changed their mind and they were pushed back down on the table and were not allowed to leave. Insults were given out freely to patients and staff by Dr. Gosnell. All of this was minor to what was further uncovered.


It is impossible to go into all the injurious medical practices that were taking place but it certainly proved that this doctor did not care about the safety of his patients but he made sure the staff collected fees for service.


Detective Wood and Assistant District Attorney Lexy McGuire were in shock to find fully developed babies that had been aborted. Through interviews with staff they confirmed that babies survived abortions. They came out moving with heart beats and Dr. Gosnell would use a procedure he called snipping. He took a pair of scissors and snipped the infant at the back of the neck severing the spinal cord.


What we discover in the movie (and book) is that no one really knows what is “normal” for abortion and abortion laws. The doctor performing the autopsy does not know how to determine whether the infant is born alive or not. That makes the book and movie interesting from an intellectual point of view. How do you proceed knowing you are on shaky ground and may be setting precedent?


The movie is shocking, not in any gory sort of manner. We never see an abortion or the direct  results of an abortion but we do hear the testimony from an abortion doctor describing how an abortion is performed. Yeah, that was difficult to listen to but it is information we need to know. It is the first time we are finally finding out what takes place in an abortion, killing a child in the womb. We may not want to know this and Planned Parenthood certainly does not want us having this information. There is only one incident when we see these little feet in bottles that shows us body parts but we do see all these bags and containers and we come to know what those contain.


The movie is shocking to see how patients are treated and the unsanitary conditions of this clinic. We can’t believe that those with the authority to inspect clinics to assure their sanitary conditions and practices totally failed their responsibility despite repeated complaints against this clinic. We walk out of the movie thinking that the Gosnell clinic is an exception to the rule. Other clinics are inspected on a regular basis and are kept clean and sanitary. Only, we do a little research and find that Gosnell is not an anomaly. We find that clinics throughout the country have unsanitary practices that are dangerous to the health of the woman. They may not have cats roaming the facility but we find that harm is done to women and they are not told and they end up in emergency rooms and we find that the clinics do not have time to sterilize medical instruments. Wow, how much more is keeping hidden from us?


It is also interesting to see the objection by the legal system and the news media that put forth a fight that these things not be exposed. It is frightening that there is such power in the abortion industry. They have been successful in the past but things like the Gosnell movie are making us think that we also have the right to fight for what God abhors. It is motivating to say that we have a voice and we need to use that voice. It is also reassuring that we have a ministry in this parish that is making it possible for us to come together to share and support each other in fighting these inhumane practices

If you want any information about the Right to Life Ministry read the various articles here and watch bulletin announcements. If you would like to join the Right to Life Ministry or participate in our missions, simply email Rochelle Cafferty at nanacaffeerty@gmail.com.

Why do we need Right to Life in our parish?


With this being Mother’s Day it is a great day to examine why we need such a ministry.


First, there is so much going on in our society that it is impossible for a busy person to keep up with all that is taking place. There are some issues that as Catholics, it is important to know what is happening if we want to walk with Jesus. If we want to fulfill his mission in our day and time, we need to be his voice.


Second, when we come together as a community, our prayers are powerful. St.      Talks about being in the army of God. There are so many stories of the power of prayers throughout history, at times whole countries coming together in prayer. True miracles have taken place. Today we are seeing the effect of prayer in the abortion industry. Abortion facilities are closing due to the lack of business. Most amazing is that there have been so many incidents of miraculous changes of heart we can only sit in awe. People that have worked in the abortion industry from clerical staff to abortionists have walked away seeing what they have been doing - destroying life. Through pro-life individuals’  prayers, God helped them move from powerful denial to deep shame and knowing they had to change their lives.


Pro-life ministries are needed because right now our country is on a dangerous path. Two states have now passed legislation saying that abortion can take place up to and including delivery. Even those that are Pro-choice object to this legislation but even their voices are not stopping this, only word to describe it - evil. More states have plans to follow. Women and girls are given totally erroneous information regarding the abortion procedure and options that are available. We are now finding that if they are told what takes place in an abortion or they see an ultrasound with the heart of their baby beating, they walk away from the abortion, Pro-life ministries try to educate women and girls and the men or boys in their lives so that they can make take the time to think and make a decision that saves their child’s life.


Today, many girls and women have heard that abortion is not right. No one should have an abortion. Then, they find that they are pregnant. The experience all kinds of feelings but dread, guilt, and fear dominate. Out of guilt they don’t want to tell their parents or boyfriend. How could they let themselves get pregnant?


Many times this girl or woman will turn to a friend in desperation. They are her friend they care about her and will support her. Their advice - get an abortion and no one well ever know. Your parents will never know. Your goals in life won’t be affected. Your life won’t change because you took care of the problem.


She turns on the TV or reads articles on the internet about abortion and suddenly she starts thinking like the feminists who say it is your body and you can do what you want. Why should you be inconvenienced by a child you do not want or are no in a position to care of? The best thing is to not bring the child into the world.

Hear a message often enough. Hear a message when you feel desperate and are frightened. Hear a message that will make you feel better. Hear a message that goes against everything you believe in but your thinking is changed. Hear it often enough with support of others and you can rationalize abortion.


That is how clever Satan is. All the pro-choice arguments sound right and the emotional turmoil can change how we think. The pressure of ‘friends’ and the abortion clinic telling us it is only cells and it is a painless 5 minute procedure make the decision final. The abortion is performed.


No one tells this girl or woman that the abortion really is not final. There are effects that come from having an abortion. There is always the need to keep what the woman has done secret. Every year when the date of the abortion arrives, the woman relives that day in sorrow. Every time she sees a child the age of her aborted child. brings sorrow. The guilt and shame did not go away with getting the abortion. It can often grow to the point of serious depression and other mental health problems. The woman feels more and more foolish that she went against her values and acted so selfishly because she was offered a way out of a situation she did not want to be in. She may resent those that led her down the wrong path but she also resents herself. She thinks that she is in a hopeless situation. 


Pro-life ministries are there to reach out and support pregnant women and girls to give them accurate information about what they are thinking of doing. They provide resources that can help them financially, offer good medical care and support them with the loving guidance of God. Being pregnant is not the end of the world and abortion is not the only answer. Pro-life ministries do not want any woman to suffer the effects of an abortion. They want that woman to know that choosing life for their child was really the only answer that would give them peace and hope. In addition, when a woman is hurting because of an abortion, there are programs that can help her recover and heal the hurts within and experience the forgiveness and love of God.


There are so many stories of how pro-life ministries have helped others, both men and women, in need at the time of a pregnancy. We in this parish will have stories to tell our children and grandchildren of the peace and joy we have brought to others when they felt desperate and afraid.


We want women to have a Happy Mother’s Day rather than a day of great suffering.


We also work to support pro-life legislation and denounce the legislation that is more and more radical making abortion up to the point of delivery legal. The pro-abortion forces have been pushing late term abortions for at least 12 years and finally, they are succeeding. In addition, both the House of Representatives and United States Senate refuse to pass a bill that will protect the life of a child that survives and abortion. You read that right. The doctor tries to kill the infant in the womb but it is born with a heart beat and is breathing. The baby is alive!!!!! Naturally they would rush to provide medical care to this infant. Wrong! It is either left to die or is killed by various methods. Pro-life advocates want to be sure that medical care is given to protect the life of this child that has already suffered great trauma.


It is not hard at all to see why we need Right to Life in our Parish. We need to be God’s voice in our world speaking out against such atrocious thinking of the pro-abortion advocates.

Mercy Sunday

When we think of mercy it can be both comforting and threatening. It is such a comfort to feel the warmth when we feel the mercy of God surrounding us. It is threatening when we have done something that we know was wrong and have to admit that. We don’t like to admit our mistakes particularly when our mistakes are hurtful to others. It is embarrassing that we would simply like to hide until all is forgotten. At the same time, we smile when we read how Adam and Eve thought they could hide from God. We can never hide from God, we can only close our eyes and wish everything would go away.


As a pro-life ministry, we pray for people that are considering an abortion, have had an abortion, have worked in the abortion industry or politicians that pass legislation that endanger the life of the unborn.

For those considering abortion, we hear over and over again what a difficult decision it is for them. Looking at those that identify as feminists and make statements that they celebrate abortion, there is a disconnect. There are many more stories of those girls and women that cry and enter the abortion facilities frightened and uncertain. They are not celebrating at all. They are hurting. Why do they hurt? There are many, many reasons for the pain. Some are being forced to have an abortion by parents, boyfriends or husbands. Can you imagine being in their shoes? Many others are uncertain but are comforted to be told, ‘Don’t worry it is only tissue.” That eases their conscience. But it seems strange when they ask, “Will the baby feel pain? What happens to the baby after the abortion?”  They don’t know what else to call it but a baby, not a blob.  Something on a deeper level within them tells them that it is not simply a blob or tissue. They hurt and yet are supported by the abortion staff that they are doing the right thing. While they are suffering through the abortion, they find it is not painless and have more fear when there is the very minimal of medical care after the procedure. They are feeling pain and feeling that they have been led down the wrong road.


At times, a girl or woman suffers emotional pain immediately after the abortion. For others, it may be years later that emotional and psychological pain hits. There are too many stories of women that turn to alcohol and drugs to sooth the internal fight they experience. Deep depression is also common and it is understandable. Those that had a abortion will often not tell anyone about it. They feel shame and guilt and worry what others will think of them if they knew. They are so aware that they took the life of their child and they can not run away and they must live in silence. No one around them understands what is going on, why they are on such a self-destructive path. Many women don’t know what is happening to them until they can face the fact that the abortion that they thought was safe and did not harm is all a lie that they are trying to justify. Can we ever understand the pain they are feeling? Unless they get help from ministries that deal with post traumatic stress due to abortion, their lives are in chaos and pain. If they participate in such a program they learn to deal with the abortion, to forgive themselves and to feel the healing power of mercy that God sends.


We are starting to learn more and more about the reality that takes place in the abortion industry from those that are leaving their jobs and exposing the work conditions, attitudes and practices the take place in the abortion clinics. It is interesting to find that people tell the same story no matter what part of the country they live and work. We learn that what we are told are rare and unique incidents are actually normal practice throughout abortion facilities. For those that have seen the movie Gosnell, we learn much about the worst side of abortion is not rare and confined to this one doctor. For instance, we are finding that sterilization of instruments between patients is not possible. The doctor comes in and everything must flow quickly and smoothly. The doctor enter the room where the patient is prepped and performs the abortion and quickly moves to the next room, performs that abortion and back to the other room. Staff reveal that there is not enough time to sterilize the equipment. We are finding that Dr. Gosnell is not the only doctor that has babies survive the abortion procedure that then ends the life of that living baby. There are so many more examples that can be given but stop and think. If you saw this day in and day out at your job every single day, how do you think it would finally affect you? What those leaving these jobs tell us that it is more difficult to leave the job because the pay is so good so their financial security may be threatened leaving the lucrative job. When you are supporting your family, this is not an easy decision but a necessary one. Finally, money does not drive your decision. Leaving the job does not end the emotional turmoil that you have experienced in your job. That emotional turmoil does with you. Although we might want to criticize these people, God asks us to have compassion and extend mercy. Many people go to work in the abortion industry under totally false pretenses. They have no idea what the job is like. They have no idea what takes place in an abortion procedure. They may not find out what an abortion is until they have worked there quite awhile. We need to give thanks to the fact that these workers, which can be clerical staff to the doctors, wake up and walk away from their jobs. They, like the women that suffer from having an abortion, also need help to deal with the psychological problems they have from being a part of abortions. They also receive God’s mercy and forgiveness which allows them to forgive themselves and turn their lives to helping others.


Then there are the legislators. Polls and surveys show that even those that identify as being Pro-Choice so not support late term abortions. They will advocate for abortions in the first trimester but feel it is wrong for abortion in the second or third trimester. So, a large percentage of citizens in this country are against late term abortions. Why do we have States passing legislation removing all rights from the unborn child and making abortion legal up to and including delivery? Seems impossible right? Who in their right mind agree that a fully formed child can be aborted? Who in their right mind want a child to be killed that would live if delivered? Even worse, legislators refuse to pass a bill that will guarantee that if a child survives an abortion, that child must be given medical care! Think about it. The doctor does what he needs to do to kill the child in the womb. The child is delivered and it is breathing and the heart is beating. Normally that infant would be evaluated and sent to neontal intensive care if necessary. What we are learning is that multiple can happen to that infant. It might be left to simply lay there until it dies. It might be suffocated or the neck broken or scissors will cut the spinal cord, or it might be thrown in the trash bag. No, these are not unique situations. This happens in abortion facilities and since this is happening, we need laws to protect that child. We need to pray that God’s mercy touches the heart of legislators on both the State and Federal level. We pray that le gislators may have to go against their party’s position and vote in favor of life rather than along party lines. We pray that those that have the power to pass laws listen to the citizens as they are voted into office to represent the voters in their state.


The last group of people that need our prayers on this Mercy Sunday are those that are staunch Pro-Choice advocates. When we see some of these people in the news we think, there is no way we can ever change their minds. No, we may not be able to but God can do the impossible. If he can take Paul, a man that persecuted and killed those that followed Jesus, and turn him in the saint that spread the faith throughout the land, he can also soften some of these hearts to a real conversion of heart. For this we can offer our prayers. Open their hearts, Lord, to hear your truth.


Keep returning to find more articles about how our world is affected by abortions and what we can do to defeat evil in our world.

We are forming a pro-life ministry in the Parish which will go by the name of Right To Life


What is a pro-life ministry? Pro-life ministries believe in protecting life from conception to death. It believes in the dignity of every human person in that we are made in the image of likeness of God. We see this as a sacred mission with a sacred purpose.


There are four areas that our ministry will address.



  1. Prayer

          Prayer is powerful and can have miraculous results. There are so many components of abortion that need prayer, for instance, prayer for the unborn child; for both men and women involved in making a decision about abortion; for those that are pro-choice recognize God’s love and mercy touch them which leads to a miraculous conversion: for legislators, State and Federal; for leadership in the Catholic church and other faith communities that they will openly defend pro life principles; for women that have had an abortion that they find resources that lead them to God’s love and forgiveness.


  1. Educate

           Polls and research are giving us insight that was not available years ago. It has been found that many people really do not know a lot about abortion. Once a girl of woman sees a sonogram of her child, they turn away from abortion. They see the heart beating and the baby moving. It is positive that this is a child.


          Those that are pro-choice have many reasons they believe in abortion. But even pro-choice advocates are not in favor of late term abortions. Who would ever have thought that late term abortions would be an issue in our society? Late term abortions take place after the first trimester of a pregnancy. We will be discussing this in later articles. Again, many pro-choice individuals are against late term abortions. The good news is that once pro-choice individuals see how and abortion is performed, they change their stance and become pro-life. What changes their minds? They see the brutality and also realize that there is human life from conception.


Education is very important for there is so much we did not know about abortion until those that work in the industry left their jobs and are exposing what really takes place in an abortion clinics. They leave their jobs because they simply can not participate in killing infants any longer.


          Our ministry, Right to Life, will keep all member up to date through our parish website, a newsletter, special events and emails at times.



  1. Advocacy

          Prayer is very important but at times, we are called to be God’s voice in our society. At this time, New York has passed a law taking away all rights of the infant in the womb. In additions, abortions can take place up to and including the birth of the child. The Vermont State legislators have passed a law to change the constitution of their state to allow abortions up to and including delivery. Voter will have the final say in November. Other states are also working on passing the same type of legislation. It as been proven that when legislators hear from constituents, it can change their voting. Legislators need to know that passing such extreme laws is not why we, the citizens, vote them into office. At the same time, we need to let legislators that support pro-life laws receive our support.


          There are other opportunities to advocate for human life and support women that think that abortion is their only optin. Praying outside abortion clinics and providing information about centers that support that mother and her child. Participating in Walks for Life is also a public display of support for human life.


  1. Outreach/Evangelization

It is important to educate the parish and wider community of what abortion really is. We want our children that are in high school and college know to  know the truth about abortion. They are going out into a world that does not support life and we want them to have an informed conscience. They will base their actions on God centered thinking rather than the secular temptations.


          Of course, we want our parish and community to know the truth about abortion and join us in protecting the life of children and providing support to anyone considering abortion.


Do I have to participate in all areas of the Right to Life Ministry? Many may only be able to pray because of health issues or daily realities of life. Others may want to be involved in all aspects. Anyone that signs up will receive information to keep them informed about current events and decide what they can and can not do. We want to be a part of a larger group to bring about change in the moral fiber of our country.


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